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Charge standard
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Charge standard

overall cleaning charges (all glass, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, floors, walls, Windows, doors, screens, cabinets and flooring surfaces, excluding lamps)
Project area (land reclamation cleaning) newly renovated house
100 square meters below 240 Yuan a
More than 100 square 2.5 RMB/sqm
Project area (daily cleaning) has lived in house
100 square meters below 240 Yuan a
More than 100 square 2.5 RMB/sqm
Construction area of the project (existing home renovation) lived before people return to refurbished House
80 square meters below 240 Yuan a
80 square meters more than 3 Yuan/sqm
Glass premium
Two bedroom 120
Triple room 150 RMB
Four bedroom 160-240
Kitchen cleaning and toilet cleaning 150-200
Wood floor waxing charges: 50 to 150 Yuan, more than 50 square meters 3 Yuan per square meter
Hourly charge: 6 hours and 150 Yuan started more than 1 hour 1 hour less than 1 hour 1 hour plus 25 Yuan per hour
* Guarantee *: various types of cleaning services, service, your satisfaction
* Prestige *: principles of service price to match the quality of service, no extra charges.
Prices of other items as appropriate, and then set
Hotels, flats and other large area carpet cleaning of offices and large-area tile floors, stone floors, vinyl floor, corridor the corridor floor professional cleaning (the same service, same quality, area, the lower the charges)
Charge standard: 200 square meters closed below 400 Yuan more than 200 square meters 2-4 Yuan/square meter, more than 1000 square meters of appropriate discount (disinfection 0.5 Yuan per square meter)
Use tools and cleaning agents:
High power carpet cleaning machines, high power vacuum, suction machine, powerful suction drag head high soaks the rug cleansing agent, soaks the rug cleansing agent, foam, with the exception of stains, oil, green water disinfectants

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