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Wall cleaning

Wall cleaning

Project Manager:
Has many years of management of various types of buildings cleaning and implementation experience, responsible for the progress and quality of the project; responsible for coordinating and solving problems arising in the course of project implementation, responsible for coordination of work with clients and stakeholders.
Site supervisor:
Spider-man, with many years of various types of building management and operational experience with the project manager on job site personnel schedule and working instructions.
Air operators and site supervisors:
With many years of experience of various types of aerial work and good personal qualities.
Er, wall cleaning operators operating procedures
★ Operations must comply with the standards of the company and the customer agree work; work procedure must strictly implement safety practices and quality standards of quality and quantity to complete the task on time.
★ Personnel in communicating with customers when polite, respectful, thoughtful, kind, does not contradict the customer.
★ Site should follow the customer related management regulations, civilization work Office and teaching order shall not affect others.
★ Personnel to actively cooperate with the customer to monitor the quality of service, for customer guidance and examination. Timely rectification of non-conformance, there must be no bad feelings, must strictly follow the "customer is always right" attitude.
★ Work process must be taken to protect all customer equipment and facilities. If operating procedures may affect or damage, must obtain written permission from each other, before they can work if improper operation or unauthorized, and damage to their equipment, and its consequences.
Third, the construction programme
L cleaning methods for exterior wall: the outer wall clean mainly has two ways: hanging panels and window cleaning.
① slings (Spider-man rope and the multiplicity of nylon rope, diameter 18 mm, tension is 240000 Newton (totaling around two and a half tons)
② Deputy rope (security rope): generic nylon rope, diameter 16 mm, tension is 22000 Newton (totaling about two tons)
② the hanger plate (made of ash wood)
③ wire rope (ø 10 mm)
Black, u-crab buckle (steel)
④ self-locking device: when the rope when there is a problem, auto-associate-ropes for lock security protection.
④ belts above 7 are assembled into a seated upper hanger plate.
1, first on the top platform Optional a fixed place to tie the rope, such as piping, rope to tie a few more laps, repeated loading test to guarantee. All rope lift angle, take the ribs, take place using a rubber or carpet tiles at the bottom to prevent friction.
2, lifting slings in u-crab buckle on the Board play a special knot, PCB plug hanging barrel, which contained less than half barrels of cleaning agents (medicine). Workers put on glass cleaning devices, water and a rag, work can start on. Because there is a special button, so at work, lug not slipping. Control rope, freedom to operate, simply put up a rope hanger plate slipping, sliding as much as mentioned, how fast sliding fast. Until the end.
Top 3 establishment of personnel security.
4/f, located at the end of visits to security personnel.
• Outer wall cleans condition:
1, climatic conditions: the outer wall clean must BU in good weather conditions, the wind should be less than 5. Level 5 stopped working. In addition, poor visibility in rain, snow, fog and high temperature (over 38 degrees) and low temperature (0 degrees) and other conditions are not suitable for wall cleaning. 2, conditions: the outer wall clean: there must be in good physical condition and mental qualities, age under 40 years of age, at about 60 kg body weight, normal blood pressure, good eyesight, no fear of heights. 3, equipment conditions: the outer wall clean the equipment must be in good condition, such as hanger plate has creepy phenomena such as, part of the wire strands should be updated immediately.

Use the hanger plate preparation:
(1) the weather conditions. (2) a site survey. (3) tools. (4) a staff member dressed as required fasten your seat belts, self-locking individual hanging on the safety rope (5) site safety supervisor, safety supervisors should be set up and the two men, an underground one at the top. Placed high above the signs, so strictly regulated, foolproof.
• Operation:
(1) operation personnel sat Yu hanging Board provides location, will all appliances zhalian in hanging Board catchy sideways Xia; (2) slowly will hanging Board decentralization, arrived first work location; (3) with gun (or watering can) alignment work location water, preliminary removed dust gray, then will clean agent coated in glass or corner Shang, later with scraping article, and or brush water wipe, last with rag will wall surface arrangements will be dry. (4) a location work end, slowly adjustment to next location continues to clean straight the longitudinal location to work end, then again horizontal mobile location; (5) whole work process in the, security supervision should throughout for site security supervision, shall not AWOL; (6) cleaning glass curtain wall is strictly prohibited using alkaline clean agent, or will caused curtain wall plating film in half months around spot off, and faded, serious consequences.
• End of the operation:
(1) the safety rope sling, keep it, and checked again damaged. If a string is found damaged, for scrap processing: (2) other tools clean, self-locking grease at the spring, (3) make shift work record and signed by the safety officer and foreman.
Four, construction tools:
High altitude high rope, safety lines, harnesses, and other related materials, and other tools.
Five, detergents:
Cleaning agent is used by the company are neutral-alkaline detergent, diluted between PH values of 8-10, not damage of exterior wall tiles, glass and other materials.
Six, safeguards
Wall cleaning jobs in the case of safety, to ensure quality, consistent both complementary and I all Spider-man Spider-man training for all employees in the company, obtain the appropriate certificate of Spider-man, has a very rich experience in practice; all aerial employees for personal accident insurance coverage by the insurance company. Spider-Man Group through a series of combat, has accumulated a wealth of experience, safety 100%.

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