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Service project

Unit cleaning services

Unit cleaning services

Long-term care:
Clients: various large shopping malls, hotels, focus brand properties.
Service mode: and shopping malls, hotels, property management Department to sign long-term contracts, monthly fees. Clean all company personnel to enter work based site manager, foreman, a number of names, sanitation workers ' number. From a garrison building, cleaning cleaning anytime, anywhere, by the site manager has overall responsibility for the management, supervision.
Regular cleaning:
Clients: companies, families, agencies, banks, catering and entertainment, retail, and tourism attractions.
Services: sign a long-term contract cleaning, weekly, monthly, seasonal cleaning.
Cleaning category
Jobs contents
Operating standards
Outside in public areas Trash can No cigarette butts, no deposit
Ground cleaning Clean, no debris, no dust
Lamp posts, lamps, wipe Clean, no dust, no sewage, no oil
(Cleaner, wipe) Clean, no dust, no fingerprints
All signs of cleaning Free of debris, dust, rendering the true colors
Access to the glass in the lobby (scrape wash) Bright, clean, no stains
The layer window glass (scrape wash) Ditto

The ground dust

Bright, clean, no stains, grease
Walls on each floor (scrubbed, cleaned) Clean, no dust, no trace of draw
Fire-fighting equipment (clean) Clean, no dust
Instruction cards (wipe) Clean, clean, no grease
Decorative facilities (clean) Clean, no dust, no sewage
Refuse rooms on each floor (clean) Neat, clean, no odor
Trash can (wipe, cleaning) Bright, no stains, no peculiar smell
Access (wipe) Clean, no dust pollution

Play corner (wipe)

Clean, no sewage, natural
Switch (rub) Bright and clean, no fingerprints
Metal parts (Polish) Renders true colors
Altar (brightener on wipe) Clean, clear, and without any trace of water, fingerprints
Bathroom The ground (DUN wash) Clean, no debris, no stains
Toilet (cleaning) Clean, no stains
Mirror (wipe) Clean, bright, no water marks, fingerprints

Trash (processing) Clean, no stains, ready to dump
Supplementary paper towels, washing liquid, fragrant ball Feel free to add
Plating (wipe) Bright, without any trace of water
Boiling water The ground (DUN wash) Clean, without any trace of water, debris
Walls (cleaning, wiping) Bright, clean, no stains
Open water tank outside (wipe) Bright, clean, no stains
Switches, indicator lights Clean, without any trace of water
Lighting (clean) Bright, clean, no stains
Regular disinfection Kosher
Conference room Lamps, sofa (wipe) Clean and free of dust
(Cleaning) No stains, light
Ceiling (clean) No dust
Desktop, ground No debris, cigarette butts, paper
Floor mats (cleaning) Clean, true colors
Carpets (dust) Clean, no grit, oil
Walls (cleaning) No dust
Office, Office of public areas Lighting (clean) Bright, no dust
The ground (dust) Clean, oil-free, no stains
Trash can (clean) Clean, no odor
Indoor air (air fresheners) No smell, fresh air

Playing corner (Wipe)

Bright and clean, no stains, render true colors
Glass (scrape wash) Bright, clean, no water marks
Ceilings and other facilities (completely) Bright and clean, no stains
Doors and door frames (spray furniture wax)


House number (wipe with brightener) Clean, bright
Floor washing, waxing A clean, anti-static, anti-skid, Ecru
Metal objects (not Polish) Bright, clean, no stains
Walls (cleaning) Dust-free

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