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Service project

Home cleaning services

Home cleaning services

Cleaning service procedures and standards
Service program:
1, and glass: first with towel again once wipe glass box, focuses on processing no do off of parts, again with coated water device dip diluted Hou of glass water solution, uniform of from Shang to Xia smear glass, Hou with scraping child from Shang to Xia scraping clean, with dry towel wipe NET box Shang left of water marks, glass Shang of water marks with machine skin wipe clean. Focus on: box joint vacuum, wipe.
2, toilet: full from top to bottom with a wet towel to wipe, focus on opening up wasteland left by dead end, ware and stainless steel pipe fittings and, after full wipe it again with a dry towel, curing liquid stainless steel wipe stainless steel.
3, kitchen: once again, a full range of wipe it again with a wet towel, focusing on ground corner, kitchen and stainless steel pipe fittings, back again with a dry towel, wipe clean with a stainless steel curing liquid of stainless steel pipe fittings.
4, bedroom and Hall: with a duster clears dust left by the wall, wipe the switch boxes, vents, air conditioning, smoke extraction devices.
5 door and frame: fold box towel, wipe from top to bottom, remove gum stains, wipe the door frames, focusing on boxes, corner neglected place, after full wipe, spray wax-home private.
6, floor cleaning: focus on wasteland left by the stains such as paint, glue, high temperature with high temperature steam cleaning machines on the ground after disinfection, pushed oil-dust (dust).
7, diagonal: fully wiped with wet towels, paint points that focus on not doing, then wipe with a dry towel after texture spray wax
Service standards:
Glass: visually without water marks, fingerprints, clean and bright; box stitch without dust, clean hands touch the smooth dust the sill.
Toilet: no debris, no stains, clean touch is smooth, shiny, no smell.
Kitchen: no debris, no stains, tile surface clean, touch the smooth, shiny.
Bedroom and Hall: touch the wall is smooth, no dust, switch boxes, vents, air conditioning outlets free of dust, stains, clean
Door and frame: touch, stain-free, smooth, narrow necked no dust, no dead ends, glossy.
Ground: free of dust, dirt, the floor is smooth and shiny, light stone.
Diagonal: dust-free, clean, without GLUE.

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