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Wallpaper wall covering maintenance is key

Wallpaper wall covering life and directly related to the construction, use and maintenance, better maintenance, life expectancy of up to 15 years.
1, humidity: wallpaper wall covering construction, you should choose air relative humidity below 85%, and there is no season of dramatic change, avoid damp and wet on the wall construction in the season.
2, paste: paste wallpaper wall covering adhesive liquid flowing out should be kept clean with a clean cloth, especially trace to clean glue at the seams. Construction or supervisory personnel must be examined. Hands and tools for construction personnel shall maintain a high standard of cleanliness.
3, cleaner: foam wallpaper wall covering easily ash, beautiful and clean, every 3-6 cleaned once a month, use a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in water to scrub, be careful not to water into the seams.
4, Patch: notice to prevent the wall hard impact and friction, some time later, butt crack and so on, should be subsidized in time, cannot be allowed to develop.

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