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Three tips to let you easily cleaning wood furniture

In recent years, wooden furniture natural wood texture and is the consumer's favorite, how to clean wood furniture has become the subject of increasing interest. Cleaning wood furniture is not difficult, as long as these three points in mind.
, Care moisturizing
Affected skin is a very important element of moisture, the furniture is no exception, maintain lasting moisture to make furniture look like new. For solid wood furniture, in General, moisten with professional furniture care oil, it can lock the moisture in the wood to prevent deformation of wooden shack, at the same time nourishes the wood, wood furniture and replay the glory from the inside out, extending the life of furniture.
Second, clean wax
Solid wood furniture is usually the need for regular waxing and maintenance, under normal circumstances, only quarterly wax can look shiny and the surface does not absorb dust, easier to clean. Daily cleaning do not use oil based cleaning agents, which makes furniture surface of albinism.
If the furniture is surface stains, clear do not use alcohol, petrol or other chemical solvents, stains remove gently with a warm tea, wait until the moisture evaporation in a little wax on the original paint and lightly grinding dry several times to form a protective film.
Three, sunscreen moisture
Solid wood furniture surfaces are coated with paint, bright and beautiful. Although autumn sunshine without summer hit, but long periods of Sun and dry climate, easy to make wood drying, cracking and fading local. In daily life, furniture outdoor sunlight should be avoided on the placement of furniture in whole or in part of the long time exposure, or separated by transparent Voile Curtains direct sunlight so that neither affect the indoor lighting, can also make soft bedroom add some romantic ambience, while protecting the interior furniture. But the furniture should not be placed in a very damp places, wood swelling when wet, long time perishable.
In addition, wood furniture is very delicate, and usually have to pay as much as possible to protect and lightly move with care, especially when cleaning cleaning tool should be avoided to touch the furniture, do not let the hard metal products, furniture or other weapon collision, do not appear to protect its surface traces of bruising, and gut, and so on.

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