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Teach you how to use and clean the dishwasher

With the improvement of people's living standards, dishwasher starts into the consumer home life. So, how to use and clean the dishwasher?
Use the washing machine must be connected to the ground to ensure security. Dishwasher is not completely replace manual labour. Washing cutlery must not carry other debris, such as rice and fish bone, leftover, otherwise easily blocked filter or prevent nozzle rotation, influence of washing effect.
When cutlery and tableware out of metal outside the basket. Small cups, spoons and other utensils to avoid falls and prevent collisions, so as not to break. If necessary, you can use the more dense small baskets containing these gadgets, it would be safer. Necessary to keep the dishwasher clean inside and outside. Every time after use, it is best to brush away dirt on the filter with a brush and sediments to prevent jams. Sink monthly apply deodorant to clear the smell within 1 to 2 times.
In order to wash tableware, eliminate water spots, special dishwasher detergent should be used to wash the dishes, and cannot be replaced with SOAP and water or detergent. Characteristics of special detergent is a low foaming, high alkaline and therefore cannot be directly washed by hand, so as not to burn the skin.
When dishwasher drying dishes, consumes a lot of power. Normally, if not in a hurry to be used immediately after cleaning the dishes under the premise, as far as possible with natural ventilation and drying methods, which can reduce energy consumption.

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