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Solid wood furniture in winter maintenance tips

Solid wood furniture is the most taboo is wet. Indoor Pan-Chao, use thin plastic parts in contact with the ground separating the furniture, and furniture parts against the wall clearance with the 0.5cm~1cm distance from walls, and make it easier for moisture evaporate.
Each family-owned heating in winter, "weapon", sometimes to the heat source close, unwittingly pulled the heater to solid wood furniture. As everyone knows, how much they feared high temperatures. High temperature baking for a long time, easy to make wood Shack, localized deformation occurred, local deterioration of paint film. Best practice is to put furniture away from heater where 1 meter away, both heating and furniture from damage.
After the winter, sunny day is most happy when many families believe should open the window and let the sun into the room, the furniture at home to enjoy. However, the outdoor sunshine furniture totally or partially according to the Sun for a long time, can easily lead to the furniture surface paint swollen, so as to cause damage to the wood. Therefore, the wooden furniture is best positioned to keep out of the sun shining in place, or separated by transparent Voile Curtains direct sunlight.
Called wooden furniture of solid wood furniture, high-end product, if you accidentally scratch or cut, very unfortunately. This time, when every household cleaning, must pay attention not to touch furniture make clean tools, always pay attention, do not let the hard metal products, furniture or other weapon collision.

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