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Remember the essentials cleaning Crystal lamps are no longer worried about

Professional chandelier cleaning steps:
Shop 1, good waterproof mats or water, such as the need to use a ladder, good location.
2, prepare all the equipment, tools, cleaning agents and put in place.
3, remove the steam gun, press down the steam safety cover and reverse direction to open.
4, injected with 350ml water (Note: use non-water filled container) to tighten in a clockwise direction.
5, 220V AC power cable into the socket in the 5-8-minute warm-up to determine cleaning convenience.
6, the capacity of micro-particle Jet cover is taken off. According to special cleaning agent for cleaning Crystal lamp will add capacity in the cover.
7, will build in the capacity of micro-particle Jet cleaning agent is added, cover tightly capacity. Into the control valve before cleaning turn off. Mount the diluted cleaning agent not more than box a maximum capacity of 5L.
8, the access of micro-particle Jet 220V power supply, factory has qualified in order to ensure the fog effects do not disassemble motor speed range without changes.
9, micro-particle Jet back to shoulder, working a hand-held spray tube carrying case front slightly higher than the rear.
10, press the spray head position button to turn on the switch, then gently turn the control valve knob, adjust the droplet size, and then turn the regulator knob, adjust the spray distance.
11, close spray valve flow down the right before. Requires no impurities in case of blockage of pipes.
12, set control valve flow, Jet Crystal lamp whole 1-2 minutes, professional chandelier cleaning agent is evenly sprinkled in each place.
13, the cleaning agent on the surface of Crystal lamps 3-5 minutes, special cleaning agents can penetrate into the Crystal light surface dirt, grease the bottom to make it fall, dissolving, emulsifying.
14, off a power, raise the spray head, let the detergent in the detergent tube flow back into the tank to prevent spilled drops.
15, after the completion of spraying, the micro-particle ejector of surplus cleaning agent residue removal. Into water, turn up the volume, power on the moment, dry storage.
16, the use of high temperature steam gun, installed extension hose, insert the appropriate location to make it completely closed so far.
17, gently press down the steam button and observe the steam can be released. And back Jet lock to lock the steam button steam supply. (Used to keep the power on in the process)
18, steam spray evenly spraying Crystal lamp parts, quick decontamination for increased cleaning effect.
19, after use unplug the steam gun plug, cut off the power, press the steam button, release the steam pressure until no steam spraying out.
20, high temperature steam gun in all the water, dry in the Toolbox.
21, remove the low pressure micro mist cleaning unit, open the lid, into the water.
22, will be transferred to the Micro-adjustable nozzle spray.
23, adjust the micro-mist cleaner air to high pressure.
24, back to the shoulders of low pressure micro mist cleaner, spray bar lock for a micro-mist, sprinklers spraying Crystal lamp parts.
25, open the valve when finished release the remaining pressure spraying and residual water discharges, your Toolbox.
26, the hair dryer connected to the 220V power, transferred to the air, Crystal lamp surface moisture to dry.
27, unplug the dryer power, finishing power cable, to the Toolbox.
28, sorting, cleaning, picking up all the tools.

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