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Maintenance of cork flooring

1, floor installation should be done 24 hours after putting furniture on the floor, on which minimize personnel within 24 hours. When away, would you please close the window, door, especially tap, so as not to rain, dripping water soaked floor.
2 more maintenance than other wood flooring, cork flooring is easy, in the course of using, it is best to avoid bringing sand into the Interior, some sand into or worn flooring. Because the sand was brought in after being pressed into the elastic at the foot, when
When it does, will be ejected. Of course to remind here, should not be brought into too dirty, too much sand, still flows to this wear, therefore, into the Interior of sand should be cleared in a timely manner, generally do not need to be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, don't have to worry about moisture can warp,
Mould and so on.
3, after three or five years of use if any wear, can be partially used up, that is again adding a coating at the local, the method is simple, worn lightly with sandpaper, clear the dirt on the surface, then wipe with a dry soft cloth to gently
Clean, re-coating coatings, polyester film or in partial reply.
4, for the paint surfaces like solid wood flooring, cork flooring maintenance, usually half a floor wax can. Resin wear-resistant layer on the surface of the cork flooring and laminate flooring as easy care.
5, to prevent heat damage. Avoid hot water cups and other hot objects placed directly on the floor, so as not to spoil the surface film. Direct sunlight for a long time the floor should also try to avoid the Sun, so as not to paint film is strong for a long time by UV irradiation, cracked and aging prematurely.

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