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How to cleaning cleaning your beloved furniture?

Now, everyone's life is more comfortable, people pay attention to their maintenance at the same time, gradually began to focus on the improvement of the environment and the living conditions of the building. So, how about cleaning your beloved furniture?
Furniture maintenance to avoid direct sunlight. Despite the sunshine without violent summer, long Sun and dry climate, wood from getting too dry, prone to cracking and fading local. So, avoid the Sun for a long time on the furniture and maintenance is necessary to nourish.
To prevent dust. General use of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, make comparison of high-end wood furniture with fine carved decoration, if not regularly cleaned ash, small cracks in the easy ash affect the appearance, and dust is a must for wooden furniture quickly "getting old" killer.
Avoid hard scratch is also an important aspect of maintenance of furniture. Cleaning clean the tools easily accessible furniture, therefore, and be careful, do not let the hard metal products, furniture or other weapon collision, do not appear to protect its surface traces of bruising, and gut, and so on.
Furniture maintenance should be provided. Under normal circumstances, can make quarterly wax, furniture look shiny and the surface does not absorb dust, easier to clean.

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