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Home wallpaper maintenance tips

Wallpaper, the substrate can be divided into: PVC plastic wallpaper, Burkina Faso PVC wallpapers, nonwoven paper wallpaper wallpaper, Diatomite, Luminescent light-storing wallpaper wallpaper, wood fiber, glass fiber wallpaper, wallpaper, metallic wallpaper, fabric, wallpaper and other natural materials. Large northern city of dust, natural kinds of wallpaper in clean to avoid trouble, so can substitute imitation effects of natural paper wallpaper, apart from lack of feel regret, from a decorative point of view, has the same visual effect.
Paving wallpaper should be selected relative air humidity below 85%, temperature there is no season of dramatic change, and to ensure the wall dry completely. When paving wallpaper, open doors and Windows during the day to maintain; closing doors and Windows at night, preventing moisture from entering.
When pasting wallpaper, overflow of glue at the seams should always wipe with a clean towel. To ensure the construction of clean hands and tools.
With a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in water to clean wallpaper, be careful not to water into the seams. Usually to guard against a hard object hit the wall and friction. In case of joint cracking repair.
Maintenance wallpaper must be every day, every day you can sweep the above wallpaper with a Feather Duster, avoid wallpaper covered with dust, every day is clean and comfortable.
Regularly open the window to ensure airflow circulation, convection long, damp in the House, the mold will breed on the wallpaper, not only affects the life of wallpaper, on human health would pose a great threat.
Clean time, if tilted edge of wallpaper, users should consider whether this is because of changes in temperature and humidity of the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, if this is the only professional wallpaper adhesive paste can.

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