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Fall home maintenance tips

Stability depends on the moisture content of the wood furniture structure changes, easily affected by the impact of environment humidity, in solid wood furniture maintenance, paying particular attention to the prevention of deformation and cracking of the furniture. Autumn's best furniture will be placed at a distance of heat flow meters, avoid prolonged high temperature baking; outdoor sunshine furniture while avoiding all or parts of long time exposure to prevent the local wood-Shack, deformation and local deterioration of paint film. Finally, solid wood furniture surfaces are coated with paint, by the devastation of the film will not only affect the appearance, and would affect the internal structure of the product. Daily lives, consumers every day with a dry soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the surface dust, every once in a while, wring out the moisture of the wet cotton silk nooks and dust the furniture carefully wipe clean, then dry with clean soft fine cotton cloth and wiped dry.
With a plate-wood furniture and maintenance instructions
1, move: drag Board wood-based furniture fear most, small pieces of furniture when you want to move, to carry the bottom of furniture, large pieces of furniture, the best professional help, splits moved.
2, washing: scrub to wring a wet towel to avoid smudging the paint. Furniture fabrics suitable for dry cleaning, avoid washing, so as not to fade; part applications such as leather leather detergent, SOAP, laundry detergent and other cleaning should be avoided.
3, maintenance: furniture should be kept clean to make it clean, so as not to breed bacteria; to keep the indoor ventilation and drying to avoid furniture with damp deformation.
4, small parts of protection: mattresses, sofas, upholstered furniture should be the average force, avoid jumping above so as to avoid local stress excessive damage; components such as drawers, doors open, closed, open and close, light to avoid too large, collision damage.

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