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Everyday life how to clean laminate flooring

Home improvement near the end of the floor on the agenda. For young people, care of simple, cheap laminate flooring is most preferred. But paving and using laminate flooring not once and for all, to do science in everyday life, easy cleaning.
Upon its completion in the flooring, to keep the indoor air circulating.
Floor installation 12 hours later, officers will be moving, furniture can be placed.
Smooth overweight items should be put aside, drag and drop furniture and weights can be a hard push and pull, so as not to scratch the floor surface.
Prohibited weapon on the floor surface.
Avoid soaking the floor. If there are accidents, should be wiped with a dry MOP floor and ventilation.
Keep the floor dry and clean, the floor surface in case of stains, usually flows without dripping to MOP dry.
If coated with chocolate, oil, juice, beverage, simply wipe with warm water and neutral detergent.
If pollution such as lipstick, crayon, ink, methanol alcohol or acetone and gently wipe.

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