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Easy hotel cleaning and maintenance

Hotel clean and maintenance prerequisites
Waterproof hotel supplies not easy to choose the furniture, flooring and other such facilities, or if you choose lower-quality hotel facilities, clean this one is hard to do. Shop selection of cleaning supplies can not be neglected to select that special cleaning products for hotels, which is a prerequisite to cleaning and maintenance.
Cleaning and maintenance
Before cleaning, cleaning and maintenance we should establish a focal point for regional, personally feel that doing anything to have a primary and secondary points. In General, laying on the ground in the lobby and all the decorations and ornaments decoration, often relates to the hotel guest's first impression. Traffic in the lobby, floor, furniture and decorative items, easily affected by dust pollution, how to do the cleaning and maintenance in these areas directly reflects the hotel's image and quality of service. This is an area of focus.
Lobby floor cleaning and maintenance
On lobby of hard ground, for waxing maintenance is not missing of, wax water can effective fill ground see missing of micro-hole, prevent stains of invaded, and can in ground surface formed a layer effective of protection film, both can waterproof, and anti-dust and can prevent for mill wipe damaged expensive of slate ground, to ground polishing waxing of results is can makes ground produced a light, and clean, and luxury, and generous of feel.
Lobby furniture and accessories
Lobby furniture and accessories to wipe every point. To note here is that the different articles should be taken cleaning products for cleaning and maintenance of the hotel. For example, if it is glass jewelry, use glass cleaner glass cleaner tool stainless steel jewelry, stainless steel maintenance agents; wooden furniture, jewelry should use furniture wax and cleaning supplies, and so on.
Hotel carpet cleaning
Correct way of washing the carpet there are four steps to cleaning surface cleaning-total cleaning stains-in-practice. Hotel carpets have much tread to tread every day, and every day there will be a lot of dust, so carpets need to vacuum the dust every day. Then check the carpet where there is more stubborn stains, cleanser should be local. This step is complete, then rinse the carpet surface. Final cleaning thoroughly clean the carpet, and put them in the shade to dry!
Hotel rooms clean
Rooms inside health including bathtubs, toilets, basin, Cup, top of the bed, and so on, the direct contact with the customers equipment and facilities, and must insist that every guest after use, cleaning, disinfection and replacement and maintenance. Cleaning cleaning and our daily life the same way.

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