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Composite wood flooring in the home cleaning can extend the life

Applied composite wood flooring has become people's main bedroom floor. Appropriate use of and attention to cleaning can extend the life of composite wood flooring.
-Wooden floor cleaning method is very simple. Usually can use a vacuum or broom to clean the surface dirt, and then soaked dry not to drip cloth or MOP to clean the floor surface. After mopping the best open doors and Windows, to clear the air, blow dry the floor as soon as possible.
Composite wood wear layer if the damage will make the floor damp-proof function and brightness are affected, therefore, when walking on the floor, you should try to wear cloth slippers, best barefoot. Soft padding at the end of both furniture feet, feet to avoid furniture scratch floors wear layer, do not let the smashing wear-resistant layer of heavy goods. Cannot use sandpaper, grinders, wire brush, strong scouring powder or metal tool cleaning laminate wooden flooring. If the family cat, have to find solutions to cat's paw damage.
Here are tips for a clean light colored composite wood flooring: with a rag dipped in rice water directly on the floor, wipe, or rice water spraying on the wood floor (not too many), 5 minutes, wipe clean with a dry cloth, clean the floor number.
Special stains of cleanup: grease, and paint, and ink can using dedicated to stains oil wipe; blood, and juice, and wine, and beer, residual stains with wet rag or with rag dipped Shang amount of floor clean agent wipe; wax and gum, with ice put in above while, makes of frozen contraction, then gently scraping up, again with wet rag or with rag dipped Shang amount of floor clean agent wipe. Not clean composite wood flooring with strong acid and alkali liquid.

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