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Yinchuan cleaning support workers ' rights work was demanding wage differentials

Yinchuan Liu worked in a unit cleaning, has been receiving 800 Yuan wages for several months, with the help of legal aid, LAU in interests of maintenance, work was demanding wage differentials.
In March 2011, Liu was invited to work for a company, as cleaning staff positions. Starting work, LAU in monthly 800 Yuan wages, weekly rest day. After work, however, she works for a company not only failed to sign labor contracts or pay overtime. Ms Liu and company reflected many times, has not been answered. The end of July, she offered to resign. Following the resignation of Liu to original units demanding wage differentials, paid overtime, payments owed to pay social insurance.
However, she still received no response at the request of. Other believe that relations between the company and LAU in full-time employment does not exist, you can sign a written labor contract, both sides after the termination of employment, you can pay the economic compensation. In xixia district of yinchuan city with the help of the legal assistance centre, Ms Liu arbitration request to the labour arbitration departments in yinchuan.
After trial, labor arbitration sector think, Liu ladies in original units average daily work time over 4 hours, units each months issued wage, so both belongs to full-time labor relationship; original units and Liu ladies no signed labor contract, violation labor contract method and the related provides, units needed paid Liu ladies April to July during double wage; 800 yuan of wage below yinchuan minimum wage standard, original units needed on Liu ladies replacement wage difference.
On April 9, the reporter learned that labor arbitration departments ruled former unit while working for Liu to pay old-age pensions; Liu to pay double pay 3113.8 Yuan; 450.6 pay difference. BACK

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