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Villagers and consciously participate in the cleaning had become habit-visit nanhe County

The morning of April 16, Governor Patten visiting group visited nanhe three called East third called Township is located in the East Village. The trees on both sides of the street in the village, already hardened main street pavement clean and tidy, see firewood stacks on both sides of the street, garbage cans placed neatly, but water street pavement.
Governor during his visit to group, Cun Jia aunt and two cleaning staff, cleaning staff are cleaning the streets. Jia said aunt, generally start at 9 o'clock in the morning to clean the afternoon sweep again. Now, villagers put the garbage into the trash every day, trash full, cleaned up the village refuse landfill in Tai Hang.
According to reports, the rural environmental comprehensive renovation work carried out since the village using large machinery such as excavators for garbage removal, rubbish 200 cubic meters a day on average, with nearly 1 month's time, the accumulated refuse all cleaned up and out of the village for many years. A passing uncle to Governor Patten to visit group said, now more spacious, cleaner than before.
Villagers say, just start cleaning in the village, it was sarcastic, then see Township and village cadres garbage a day to six or seven o'clock in the afternoon, to join our cleaning team to more consciously. Now, no one on the street litter, consciousness raising.
Visit group seen in a street in the village of the Governor, several villagers are painting the House wall, next to the village is said to have put health promotion and cultural connotations of signs posted on the wall. Introduced village, the whole village there are more than 2,800 people, 30 have been placed in the village streets litter bins. Now the villagers daily cooking mainly by electricity and coal, has no one to burn straw, have previously been cleaned up to straw stacked on both sides of the Street outside the village. Village every Saturday and Sunday on organizational health cleaning for party members and cadres took to the streets, conscious participation of villagers, fighting for no health corner. BACK

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