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Street road, Harbin: 1 cleaner in each 200 m as the standard

Recently, reporter from Harbin city daowai district, Chengguan Council was informed that, daowai district, take "cleaning to side root, and cleaning set personnel, and machine sweep clock, and street road cycle brush" of way, according to each 200 meters set 1 name cleaning personnel of standard, in model Street road set personnel tour cleaning, while steering sector for full track supervising, strengthened 18 article model Street road and full district a street road of job efforts.
Provisions, daowai district, Harbin, according to per 200.1-meter standard cleaners, in street touring road personnel cleaning, as well as additional cleaning personnel radiation at street road crossing increase key parts and cleaning in densely populated areas, Commission, Office, North Central Mall, Carrefour, makewei and other key parts set professional cleaning staff. Street dust windy spring weather thick, residual soils, such as pulling down the scattered problems, man-machine combination to clean car wash, after wash road and reach the standard of dust-free surface.
Meanwhile, spacious streets, combination of centralized operation mode, a cleanup standards; more focus to commercial Street, taking jobs at the right time, intensive period of staggered vehicles, street flushing operation. Meanwhile, machinery and vehicles three times a day, fixed timing of repeated machine dust-free street sweeping. Have Blitz cleaning of residual soil on the construction site, site near street cleaning personnel special inspections after the emergency response team received notice from residual soil falling, rushed to the scene within 20 minutes, 40 minutes clear. BACK

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