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Property management fees are up, security guards, cleaning staff still serious "shrunk"

Property management fees are up, security guards, cleaning staff still serious "shrink". Yesterday afternoon, at Chamber of Commerce representatives of building owners of the Kau on law and order and cleaning issues in consultation with property is proud once again, still to no avail.
It is understood that there were more than 200 households, made up of five buildings. Reporter recently visited found that four of the security booth in front of the building has no guards. Security, who asked not to be named said the building currently has only six or seven security guards, two shifts, working 12 hours a day.
In addition, the health and environmental problems is the reason owners dissatisfied. Owner Mr LEUNG recalled, until November last year, cleaning staff will clean the public aisle twice every day, not just drag, also clean corridor handrails. Cleaning staff in addition to taking out the trash, but will not be responsible for other areas of public health. Mr Yeung said the cleaning staff, the company earlier this year halved cleaner, with only 3 people, this view has been confirmed.
Owner, Mr Wong said that, after consultation with property owners, residential property management fee from December last year, rising 1.5 Yuan to 1.8 yuan per square meter per month, but the cleaning staff "shrunk" status has not been restored, many owners are refusing to pay management fees.
Property manager Li zhenghao told reporters that the officers "shrink" is an act of frustration, from 08 till now the company has been losing money. Price is not the main reason is the elevator tariffs into property management fees. And some owners of property management fees in arrears forced the company and cleaning companies to sign contracts, cost savings. Reduce security because couldn't find people.
Li said, the company has been unable to operate, decided to let owners looking for new properties took over.
At present, owners such as Mr WONG had contacted new property companies, but has yet to transition. BACK

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