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Played "three songs" rainy season cleaning to ensure that "Lou Conference" a success

From March 28 to 30th, successive heavy precipitation weather, loudi Yuqian emergency sanitation workers prepare for and ride operation in the rain, after the rain control pipe "three steps" and pulled the curtain cleaning the rainy season, loudi city, from March 31 to April 1 the second "Lou Conference" protection.
Changes in control of real time weather conditions at any time by the loudi city sanitation Department, particularly against strong convective weather such as strong winds, heavy rain, activate contingency plans in a timely manner, and work arrangements are made in advance, in order to improve emergency response capabilities. Emergency plan starts, six secondary unit must move quickly, within half an hour of instructions do vehicles, personnel, management, scheduling, "four", and units should cooperate closely together, regardless of Division of labor. Environmental sanitation machinery loudi streets, sanitation team became the rain flows of the most beautiful pictures.
Loudi sanitation at put rain Hou cleaning as work heavy in the of again caught, take control tube combined of way, highlight grasp construction site hardening and the transport vehicles of management, established building garbage governs Commission shipped mechanism and collaboration management mechanism, four a by joint law enforcement, implemented 24 hours patrol duty system, strict check building garbage transport vehicles with mud road, and along fell, caused two times pollution of problem, for road cleaning built prison first road defense. Focus on mud after rain clears, old and four pool human, artificial assault clearing the construction site entrances, hardened roads around the wheels and mud clearance, a good long, repeated war. Waste transfer station to play operation advantages outside the city after city, people road, irrigation and sprinkler operation for all sections. City Branch at any time to monitor and check the operation after the rain, found the problem, time scheduling, on-site, to ensure that the measures put in place, loudi city, ensuring that the second "Lou Convention" to a successful conclusion. BACK

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