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Most cleaners: sweep the street in the daytime at night reading ancient Chinese characters

Most beautiful scene: spring sunshine on the ground, and also shines on a clean car parked on the roadside. He sat in the car reading a book, some wear, has a lot of red ink on paper to write annotations. He saw the Ge Zhaoguang version of the history of Chinese thought, Ge Zhaoguang was Humanities Dean at Fudan University, and PhD, XI ' an, and he was an ordinary cleaning agent on the street.

He asked that his last name, told him to make, it was his pen name. Now 44 years old, he engaged in cleaning work on the road for 12 years.
His cleaning on the handlebars, stood a blue cloth bag, which contained notebooks, dictionaries, and a 5-page paper. This is the paper he had just completed, more than 3,000 words, called talking about the character of the "image" attributes and characteristics--also on the font and style of debate, "this is some of my views on the long-term study of ancient China, is very simple, is loving it! "
A magazine the paper he plans to vote for Beijing, leaving behind contact address is the optical unit of the Security Department, "I have no fixed residence, conveyed only through others. "In his view, posting only an attempt, the results are not important.
Cleaning in this way for so many years, the units of the security master Wang's most familiar with him. In the eyes of master Wang, make so much more than a cleaner, was also a very thoughtful person, "he loves to read, as long as it doesn't interfere with work, things to read each day. "
20 square meters rental housing is also a den
Teng was in Lintong, who, after graduating from high school, worked in a factory for 3 years, due to the factory downturn, scattered around after his departure. In 1998, 30 years of age, he took a wife and children to visit XI ' an, Hao village first stall, later the couple, both start with a cleaning. Two people jointly maintain a 200-metre stretch of road, he early on, at about 12 o'clock noon from 6 o'clock in the morning, lover and afternoon classes from 12 o'clock noon until 7 o'clock. Wages from the initial five hundred or six hundred to today's more than 900 million.
For so many years, they rented the House for seven or eight, the common feature of these houses is: size, urban villages, cheap. This time, he and wife lived in the House more than 20 square meters, also after a study in the House. Shelf of the civilization of ancient text and the yin and Zhou and the history of aesthetics, such as the way out of Chinese culture. His bad eyesight, reading is difficult. Not long ago, two eyes come with 1200-degree lens.
No matter how hard cleaning work during the day, he reads every day into the night. Love said, his eyes are so much worse.
"I was cleaning, I fear that others will laugh at"
He felt that his paper was for many years a Crystal for studying ancient writing, "I like Chinese calligraphy and poetry from an early age, I think the historical starting point for the study of Chinese traditional culture in pre-Qin the most valuable, can embody the essence of Chinese culture. "
The paper he wrote for several days in the light, as he had no Internet or typing, handwriting. When I finished, it took 30 print out. He also has a dissertation on tens of thousands of words, but manuscripts and modify.
"I have 3 kids are in high school, for so many years, I always felt from the heavy pressure of life, but I never give up what I love," he says, his hobby and his work are not in conflict, he get to work every day, he was cleaning the road surface is always clean. He said that although he was often in the initial dry cleaning alone to cry, "I don't want anyone to know that I have this hobby because I was cleaning, I fear that others will laugh at. "
But he also wanted to communicate with experts on ancient, were under review by expert how about his research.
His area Street Office official does not know he has a hobby of writing research, "he is one of dry cleaning team for a long time, not to say that, as long as it doesn't interfere with work, like we have no right to interfere. ” BACK

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