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Kilometer road cleaners, trash can unite South Road Bike games-free junk

Healthy cities in XI ' an imminent review, many people are also very concerned about the XI ' an city. Netizen "water lily" on April 16 in the Forum post: solidarity road near kilometre distance is not a garbage can, pedestrians carrying refuse to the intersection to throw away, very inconvenient. Reporter arrived on the scene the morning of April 17 to: this is not trash because designation of removable bins are often stolen, and is responsible for the section of the pagoda Garden on the afternoon of April 17, the Bureau said field inspections and regulation schemes.
Online fact: km traffic-free trash, affect the city at the same time trouble
Netizen "water lily" post, with pictures showing the middle section South of solidarity no trash, causing garbage predicament. Netizen "water lily" said in the post: "United South Road, North of the junction of and the dazhai road junction of, in the Middle near kilometer distance has a trash-free, pedestrians tend to hand down the garbage will not be thrown away at the intersection, very inconvenient. "
Which also received support from netizens, Netizen "Peony flower bright": "kilometer Street trash, gone with the wind it is difficult to see. Cars came to a stop several rows, not a trash can. Street Office leaders think, design should not. Health City? field what visitors think! "
Press enquiries: section is a pagoda City Gardens Bureau management, setting garbage cans were stolen after
The morning of April 17, the reporters came to Internet users broke the labor road through investigative journalism, this road tube are three City Gardens Bureau respectively: dazhai road junction north of Lotus Lake City Gardens Bureau management road junction south of new City Gardens Bureau management; middle section of the District Council for city gardens. A road three tubes, even the cleaners were a little confused on the way, a lianhu district, City Gardens Bureau staff member told reporters: "I had imagined dazhai road junction south of all the high-tech tubes, only to discover later is not. "
Section vested in the district city Gardens Bureau management, the reporter did not find roadside litter bins. In this way, most of the rubbish discarded by pedestrians on the road, green belts, roadside trees in pits. A staff dressed in Yanta city vest, told reporters: "originally had 8 trash on this road, because it is not fixed, so have been stolen. Made this way do not have garbage cans, garbage is tossed. We have set in the middle of the road itself where a pile of garbage, garbage trucks come across every day, from there take. "
In this way, the reporters saw Yanta appearance part of the bundled garbage cleaners on a bicycle, to the rubbish heap, waiting for the recovery.
Pagoda City: investigate, develop treatment
April 17, at 11 o'clock in the morning, reporters call the district Bureau of city gardens, which a staff member surnamed Zhao after listening to this reporter, told reporters: "there used to be garbage, but since we are only responsible for part of the way, setting fixed to the surface of the garbage costs are too high, so we'll place the removable bin, was stolen. "
Subsequently, staff surnamed Zhao said the district Bureau of city gardens on April 17 afternoon to survey the road, develop treatment plans, and released to the public through the media regulation scheme. BACK

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