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Junk no one cleaning up piles of "hills" cleaning work adjustment

For nearly a week, Mawangdui ceramic building material accumulation of rubbish in the city, no one cleaned up. Many households and businesses reflect. Yesterday, reporters learned that ceramics city new district of cleaning work was carried out adjustment, cleaners for health before the 8th of this month have stopped working. This time, by ceramic city new district market staff take the time to do trash cleaning. 17th of this month the full transfer of Furong district sanitation workers to clean.
Junk no one cleaned up into "small hill"
Recently, we received different reports from the public, saying no clearing of rubbish in Mawangdui ceramic building materials city, street stank. On April 13, the reporters into the ceramics found in the city, in addition to a lot of garbage on the road, a lot of building following the trash can next to piles of plastic bags and other garbage.
Cheng Xin he, D11, a wall downstairs, trash fills a two-meter-long road, became a "Hill". Reporters found that some rotting vegetables, toilet paper and other garbage, can nearly smell the smell. Dong Bichun lived here for 12 years. He told reporters that the previous two wagon is placed next to the garbage dump, residents were scavenging to dump, and then by the cleaning staff removed, see dump in recent days, no traces of the cleaning staff in the last three or four days, so there was a "dump Hill".
A similar situation, the new collection is not uncommon in the region. Reporters visited the new zone a, b, c, d district uncovered garbage piles, many families only to clear away the rubbish. Do the construction business by Fu Jianjun, to store every day for a few days to clean up trash in front of; Zhou Xinlian lived for 10 years in the district, are building under the leftovers with a spade shovel into buckets piled high with garbage.
Cleaning work adjustment, and original cleaners has been shut down
Trash city, Zhou Xinlian anger, also very puzzled. Journalists traveled to find a cleaner Peng Lasheng. He said, including his own, responsible for ceramics of new cleaners before, 31. Clock is responsible for cleaning work. "We cleared of rubbish by morning, afternoon and the remaining time to do cleaning work. "
Despite it was hard work, but Peng Lasheng holds more than 1000 Yuan monthly wage "very relieved." But the 8th he received notifications from the ceramic city-owned Mars Street Office, ceramic city new district cleansing work will be adjusted, calling for "31 cleaners immediately shut down." Several cleaners on followed by Peng contact, they said "has stopped cleaning on that day."
Clean up temporary staff by the market
Subsequently, contacted the subdistrict office of Mars. Chengguan City New District Office confirmed the ceramic cleaning work will be adjusted. The staff member said, adjust for cleaning needs, from 8th Street has asked the cleaners before shutdown. Shut down because some cleaning work is not very responsible, full transfer of Furong district, sanitation workers were cleaning after the 17th. In the last ten-day period of adjustment, ceramic city new district market staff will temporarily assume the litter clean. "The cleaners before, apart from a few older persons, the vast majority of Furong district sanitation personnel will become the next, continue to do the cleaning work. "
New head of Marketing Office said Jun market 43 staff members a "duty cleaner." Market arranged time, do a good job cleaning. "We've been on the 9th and 12th, conducted two scavenging activity. Do their best to protect before the transfer market. ” BACK

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