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Hefei bin cleaners pick up 110,000 cash alarm and find the owner to return

If you pick up to 110,000 in the trash a lot of money, be selected secretly and hidden, or contact the owner does? Yesterday, weekly cleaning of the grain market in Hefei to sue Bryant ran such a choice. So moving is that her first time call 110 and money back in a timely manner.
Cleaning staff pick up to 110,000 cash
68 years old aunt Sue came from Bai town, feidong, in the weekly cleaning of the grain market has been working for years. Yesterday afternoon, aunt sue as usual, sweeping trash in the market, clean aquatic area trash, she found wrapped in a black plastic bag. Aunt Sue casually picked up the package, and busy with other.
More than 6 o'clock in the evening, aunt Sue came home, ripped black plastic bags. Stunned by a scene in front of my family: more than 10 bundles of hundred dollar bills lying on the table. Aunt Sue counted, found that fully 110,000 yuan. A little calm, aunt Sue Dial 110.
Meanwhile, weeks of doing business within the Valley market aquatic Mr Liu, who was like a cat on hot bricks, because his 110,000 yuan payment was gone. Anxious, Mr Liu to call 110.
Worker mistakenly put a lot of money when the garbage
See this two alarm information, area Lake station police contacted both parties to the week the grain market to protect Office. In Office, Mr Liu saw the plastic bag was very familiar.
Police understand that yesterday afternoon, Mr LAU in order to prevent damp 110,000 yuan in cash, specially wrapped in black plastic bags of money. A little after 2 o'clock in the afternoon, shop workers thought the black plastic bags of garbage, throw into the rubbish bin. Liu told reporters that until a little after 6 o'clock in the afternoon, he discovered that money was missing. "Eyes of a black, head covered. "Mr Liu immediately to the police, and notify the Security Office of the market. He then searched all around garbage cans, but to no avail.
Inside the Office, and police counted the money correctly, to return money to Mr. Liu. For money stolen, Liu highly appreciated: "I also did not expect to get so much money, thank Su da Jie. ”

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