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Greening the cleaning Centre actively respond to the call of "three" is in progress

Since March, "year of service" when the activity is started, green cleaning Centre actively respond to the call, "three of" work in progress.
Growing "green"
March 26 to 30th, green cleaning in North Campus, the Center has planted trees 1600 trees shrubs colors of his 4,000; planting Guihua 30 in this part, South Gate plant in this part the sea caves, 2; camphor trees in the West Campus, 30.
Greening the cleaning Center of human, the seedlings to unload, removing the planted and planted under irrigation. And called for timely planting to ensure seedling planting is complete on the day, no night per tree seedlings and roots of Earth compacted, leaving no gaps; the trees on all support to ensure survival. To plant a tree, a tree; planting one, live, and green one.
Trim for "glamorous"
Recently, the Green cleaning Center has three campus lawns are full finishing and trim, remove weeds; some of the trees and shrubs on both campuses in accordance with the requirements of landscape trees, pruning; shrub insect pest pest control treatment; the individual not standard trees are transplanted again. Its horizontal lines, the vertical columns, type, specification, greatly beautified the campus, pleasant staff.
Clean to "purify" the
Greening the cleaning Centre is responsible for this part and North Campus outdoor cleaning work, years of tireless, once in the afternoon, rain or shine. Cleaner is almost not a holiday, and is both cold and heat. It is they and a group of work-study students, volunteers, campus of psoriasis is almost gone, outdoor places such as playgrounds, roads, squares are rarely seen debris, clean, not only purify the environment, also put an end to throw, throw, random posting of bad behavior.
Green cleaners are small, trivial and complicated and dirty and tired. But in the Group's Party Committee and administrative support, green cleaning Center staff work together as a whole for the campus environment "green", "glamorous" and "cleansing" and made due contributions. BACK

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