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Cleaning workers return worth more than 2 million items to its owner moved the students

"A few days ago in the downstairs when you wash clothes, left his 400 Yuan in cash in his pocket, aunt after the discovery initiative to find me, after checking, money returned to me many, thanks aunt. "Open forum on campus of Zhejiang University of agriculture and forestry, students praised school post cleaning workers can often be seen.
According to statistics, nearly 5 years, school cleaning woman picked up the phone a total of 754, bank card 425, wallets 292, watch 30, mobile hard disk 34, 5 cameras, laptop 1, there are more than 1000 multi ID card, student card ... ... The items, worth a total of nearly 2.2 million Yuan, all returned to its owner.
Logistics Group said Yu Yuehua, Deputy Director of the Office of the school, students in classrooms, cafeterias and other places accidentally lost cell phones, and other items, is very common. Impossible to install surveillance cameras everywhere on the campus, cleaning staff found what to do with, in one word, it also can show their qualities.
It is understood that these cleaning workers family condition is fairly common, there were 10 people because of family difficulties, difficult subsidy was applied to the school: women weihaixian raised her daughter alone, his poor health, need long-term medication; worker Jiao Hangqing families with two elderly people dependent and frail, their husbands, their sons had no steady work ... ...
"I was near the school in the village, son apprenticed and home isn't actually much revenue. "Cleaning workers Shou Ahua, 1000 Yuan a month or so.
Some time ago, when Shou Ahua clean the classroom, picked up a wallet, cash, documents and bank cards. She immediately according to the information on your student ID, contact the owner and return the purse. "Didn't look closely, I do not know how much money you have. "Shou Ahua said," these students and to my son about the same age, most are ordinary people who, money is not easy, we have to care. "
In the school logistics company office in, praised letter, and banner hanging full has full a blocking wall: last year March 3, workers Tong Yi with in inspections classroom Shi, found 301 classroom of desk Xia has a wallet, within has more than 500 more Yuan cash and bank card, and ID, important object, she immediately contact owner; workers Wang JI picked up to a only Brown of handbag, within has notebook computer, and various bank card and cash 3000 Yuan, second days found owner...... In Zhejiang University of agriculture and forestry, speaking of those cleaning workers greatly, almost everyone to admire look. BACK

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