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Cleaning worker found the wallet to its owner hospitals wait all night

Yesterday morning, Nanjing Pukou Mr Wei called to reflect, Tai Shan hospital, said he would like to thank a cleaning woman, the unknown of the cleaner, found his lost wallet, to wait for him, workers stayed in the hospital overnight.
Mr Wei yesterday morning, he hung from hospital outpatient service Hall of the water out, walked to the carport, conveniently place purse in the electric car's back seat, and then he rode away, forgot to get my purse and wallet in the shed on the ground. "Nearly 2000 dollars in the purse, and ID cards, bank cards, driver's licenses and other documents. Lost, will affect my life. At least, I can not open this time, and my job is to drive. "Mr Wei said that at first he did not find his wallet, until that afternoon to remember the details. However, time has passed most of the day, shed people in hospital, Mr Wei to retrieve wallet lost all hope.
Meanwhile, found that Mr Wei di ladies wallet of the cleaner, is through a variety of channels to find the owner Mr Wei. Because it was not found in the wallet to its owner Mr Wei's contact phone number, di Lady in the hospital waiting for the owner's arrival.
Torres said, "I was like, they lose your wallet in a hurry, immediately ran back inside to look for, I have been waiting in front of the hospital, does not see the owner Mr Wei, I also have no way to contact him. "
A day later, yesterday morning, Mr Wei try holding the mind, came to the hospital in Mount Taishan. A door, ask about Mr Wei, hospital security room saw di woman waiting for him at the gate. "Thank you very much! Thank you so much! I did not know what to say to you thanks. "Mr Wei see recovered wallet, thanked Ms di repeatedly and taking money from the purse of the Zhai Lady to express his gratitude, but di woman is rejected. "A trivial matter, it's not necessary, it's what I'm supposed to do! "Ms di declined thanks to Mr Wei.
Reporters learned other colleagues from the hospital because there is no owner Mr Wei before the evening rush, night, di Lady in sleeping all night in the Security Office, said she did not find the owner cannot go back, otherwise, said no. Wei thanked Mr Zhai has been repeating the phrase, "this is a small matter......" BACK

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