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Cleaning leader 29 years affinity with Tianjin worked hard to maintain-Tianjin

Chen Tailin was cleaning the captain, 29 years ago from Henan to ferry workers, garbage total cleaned by him more than 30,000 tons of busy work that he neglects taking care of family.
Failed to
Just past Ching Ming and Chen Tailin brought back for his father's memories and guilt. Because of work, when his father was seriously ill has not caught up with his father one last time before she died.
In 2008, has worked for more than 20 years of Chen Tailin in Tianjin received a phone call, father's hometown in Henan province was seriously ill, but Chen Tailin received notification from clearing activities, he had to go back to work. And when he would work a few days later when arranging overnight on the train for Henan, sister texted him: his father's death. Chen Tailin returned home and cried: "kill the father and son not filial to you, if I do your son, to make up for my debt to you! "
Dutiful love
Chen Tailin was an ordinary cleaning workers. In 1983, he came to Tianjin from Henan hometown became a cleaning worker, this is 29 years. Whether it's scorching heat or the freezing winter, he would stick to the gang. He said: "the work may seem simple, but in trouble, do not say dirty, tired, and night work must pay attention to the sound is not too big, especially the small streets, for fear that jobs sound too loud, affected residents to rest. "
Long Chen Tailin lived in Tianjin began to feel this was his second home, people in the street were familiar, the environment is also cooked, street Lane, is there anything on the team, everyone found Chen Tailin. 1996 small railway alley there is a bereaved elderly households, disabled. Chen Tailin after that to the elderly, see the ranch house, molds, mottled walls, coupled with limited mobility for the elderly, and excretion in the House, over time, the air in the room is really unbearable. When he pulled out, who don't have the elderly, what do children see this scenario can not regret? Chen Tailin and his wife do it immediately, clean room and shower shampoo to the old man, put on clean clothes and since then, he and his wife went every day to bathe the elderly, meal delivery and moving house. This went on for some time, elderly white fat.
Hard work maintenance-Tianjin
Since 1998, Chen Tailin wanghailou Street, Hebei district cleaning team captain, three street cleaners later merged. Cleaning the work lasted from morning to evening. Some players get lazy, Chen Tailin lead picked up a broom to sweep hard; encountered young players live in foreign countries will inevitably be naughty, be homesick, Chen Tailin Xiao Zhi Daniel Magny Cours, care for them, makes them feel not only cleaning work teams, and Tianjin. In 29 years, Chen Tailin cleaning the garbage reached more than 30,000 tons, wonder how much worn out brooms and shovels, he and his cleaning crews worked hard to keep the city clean and tidy. BACK

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