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Cleaning lady workshop scrap copper wire theft unit was sentenced to 1 year fine 6580

A cleaning lady to take the work, workshop stealing copper wire scrap entering the unit several times, was caught by the police. Recently, the name cleaner because of theft, Beichen District, was sentenced to 1 year and fined 6580.
A middle-aged man solutions was a cable company's cleaning staff, mainly responsible for Office and production plant cleaning and taking out the trash. Solutions a company usually produce enameled, fixed the ABC staff in the workshop with an iron frame three large plastic bags, used in the production process for the waste of copper wire. In early October 2011, discovery of copper wire used to fasten the bag total staff was untied, suspected of stealing copper wire. After viewing surveillance tapes found September 27, 2011 to October 11, and a duty to use its facilities, and has repeatedly pushed the garbage truck came into the company's production workshop, marked "b" bag stolen scrap copper wire.
On October 11 of that year, and again captured by police after stealing, found his stolen scrap copper wire, 70 kilograms, valued at 3290. BACK

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