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Cleaning lady not Pocket lost tourist scenic spots along the "back"

On March 31, Mr XI Ta Dr Sun, who lives in yiling district with his family to visit the three gorges scenic area, "Dragon River" attractions photos carelessly lost handbag. Greatly to 54 age spots cleaning lady Fang Qinglian, the package is sent to the Security Department. Less than 10 minutes, a total of 9120 Yuan in cash, three cell phones and documents related to the bag "back".
Mr Yang, at noon the same day at 1 o'clock, he and his family came to the three Gorges "Dragon into the Brook" attractions photos, handy carry bag aside, "photo left, went long into the XI export-ready boat with his family leave did not forget her. "Yang emergency report to the area security of the worry, and return just take pictures of places to look for.
Less than 10 minutes, contact the Security Department Mr Yang went to claim it. It turns out that package has been found by the cleaning the attractions Fang Qinglian. In the area witnessed by security staff and visitors, Mr Yang long into the Brook, and family export took from the hands of Fang Qinglian missing bag. BACK

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