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Cleaning and security information: make up the urban public security prevention and control "software" problem

Evening cleaner city beautician who appear in every corner of the city, closest to the grassroots, closest to the people. Then, they can contribute to social security? This reporter recently learned from Pinghu City Public Security Bureau, on the basis of summarizing the experience of individual villages and towns, promote cleaning in Pinghu in the city public security information system, cleaner into vigilantes, as cleaning and security information to help police the peace.
In recent years, it must be acknowledged, with the development of the economy, the increasing population flow in different regions, urban management, increasing the difficulty of policing. What to do? In accordance with past practices and patterns, probably in the streets by police, community security, rural by Boyle. There is no denying that, in quite a long time, this "Trinity" pattern of Defense has made great achievements, but the problem is that, because of the relatively limited number of police, security, neighborhood her volunteering with larger liberty, cannot last, institutionalized. In this context, foot Pinghu City Public Security Bureau, and through institutional innovation, measures to encourage to change the status quo, is refreshing. Cleaning and security information system launch should occur a valuable exploration and innovation.
Why do you say it? On one hand, large number of cleaners, in Pinghu City Public Security Bureau's broad definition of "cleaning company, cleaning of streets, residential property, sanitation, security or car charges will become the object of police cooperation. "They started, not only integrating social forces, make up the police" regular army "the problem of insufficient number of, is also easy to make illegal offenders caught in the avalanche of people. The other hand, cleaning staff in the morning and at night, and this time was the high incidence of cases, cleaning of the security information service will greatly enrich the established security forces, cause a psychological deterrent to the offenders. In advance in place for cleaning public security information system of Zhong Dai DAO, Zhou Zufei, Director of the police station, told reporters that cleaning the security information service, once completed, Zhong Dai theft cases has decreased significantly. For three years, and Zhong Dai Street population continues to increase, but the warning fell, in 2011 than in 2010 alert drop nearly 30%.
If the improvement of urban security facilities, surveillance cameras and other hardware more additional financial funding, then, solving security problems, make up the urban public security prevention and control "software" is not enough no doubt needs the innovation of social management concepts and systems design, need to be open minded and diverse practice. Pinghu is cleaning public security information system tells us the experience. BACK

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