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Changzhou: cleaning implement meticulous "Trinity" sweeping assessment model

Recently, in order to maintain custody of road cleaning area, further enhancing the Road area, wujin district environmental management level, since March, road, wujin district, Changzhou City Administration launched a "GPS positioning, intermediary evaluation, routine inspections, urging" Trinity road cleaning cleaning evaluation mode, realized the fine job of cleaning cleaning.
It is reported that "Trinity" cleaning cleaning evaluation model based on positioning measured, on County Road 11 cleaning the road Sweeper to install GPS positioning system, real-time tracking of vehicles obtained in exactly where the process of road cleaning machinery, driving track to facilitate conservation management to implement round-the-clock monitoring and cleaning vehicles allocated to improve emergency response capacity. Meanwhile, the model agency appraisal as the main body, introducing full assessment agency checks, ensure clean sweep in a controllable State, for cleaning cleaning quality played a role in better standards and guidelines, and cleaning cleaning fees are used to best effect. In addition, routine inspections urged for aid, deployment of staff has many years of management experience in cleaning patch inspection appraisal district, found that the problem should contact the cleaning company, and cleaning personnel as soon as possible, guarantee the quality of cleaning cleaning.
From the previous "one-way" operations to the current "three in one" joint operations with the Highway Department management of innovations that truly complete coverage and the whole process, road cleaning operations are managed by the original assault into the present-time release management. BACK

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