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50 years old cleaning lady for 16 years as faculty and students of artist-run exhibition visitors

In 2011, heze security Jia Zuo Sheng Tsinghua University "rub" admitted to Shandong Normal University, the news had shocked the country, but compared to Jia, we are Weifang sister Wang Junhua nothing less. She is 50 years old, Weifang University cleaning staff, environmental impact study painting, personal exhibition was held successfully on April 8 this year.
Come to visit the
The morning of April 8, the reporters came to West side of the first floor of the North building, University of the third age, Weifang city classrooms, old man saw the classroom was packed with visitors. There is snow plum, there are leisure water carp, particularly wealthy Peony about 3 meters long, the picture beautiful color, symbolizes good fortune, without losing the natural color.
"Man, this is the pride of our University! The pride of our retired! "Wang told reporters visiting the exhibition, she is 61 years old, studying in University of the third age 3 years, also visited the exhibition for the first time, it's not a painting exhibition, but a cleaning staff were held in, meaning different, all old friends.
It is understood that the Exhibition Organizer Wang Junhua, 50, a cleaner at Weifang city is the old University, College of environmental impact, she began in 1997 to study painting. The exhibition was organized by her work over the past two years, mainly in painting, a total of 91. Attracts faculty and visitors.
Recovery picked up a brush
About his painting experience, Wang Junhua told reporters that in 1996, she followed her husband to switch from came to Weifang hanting, because there are no jobs to College and worked as a cleaner, but this is 16 years. At the beginning of that era, University of the third age only painting, calligraphy, and several other classes, she never thought I'd be painting at all, although dealing with student and teacher of painting every day, there are a lot of people told her, but she always felt that he had come from the countryside, painting a piece of material.
But that soon changed, 1997 June Wang spent after a serious illness, she was very emotional. During hospitalization, it was brought to her painting, she came to realize that painting can make people exercise is conducive to good health, that is, from then on, she picked up the brush and began studying painting.
That's easier said than done, painting June Wang flowers is easier said than done, but she has a unique condition, that is, students and teachers from the school. Wang Junhua said her performance in painting on the road a little bit, without everyone's support. Because old age often to some masters of the University, staff overwhelmed when she helped, over time, and we all became friends, and when everyone knows she is painting, valuable advice on succession, inkstick, to send to her.
June Wang Hua's daughter TINGTING, told reporters that mother for 1000 Yuan a month's wages, and to support their family, very few costs can be used to paint on. When the University of the third age grandparents know mother's situation, will help her, someone sent a brush, some paper, time, mother painting all kinds of guys are full.
Want to share experience of
June Wang now spent can not only follow master's work, can make their own creations, as she and others do not like painting of peonies, both highlighting the wealth of Peony, and natural color.
June Wang Hua has become a celebrity of the University of the third age, many older people look after the exhibition, all want to bind. Wang Junhua said that she is today, with students, teachers are inseparable from the University of the third age, she is very willing to share experiences and.
Reporter from Weifang city old University understand to, now, Weifang city, old University has in school students more than 4,000 more people, has calligraphy, and painting, more than 10 multiple professional, now of old University not only attract has town of retired elderly, on even suburb some farmers workers friends also to participate in has, here has became elderly learning, and leisure of places, in here not only can learning to new of knowledge, also can enjoys later life. BACK

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